Worship through the Lord's Prayer

In this space, we seek to draw closer to God through immersing ourselves in the Lord's prayer. We will experience, read, listen to, watch different versions and expressions of the Lord's prayer.

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Ryan Bolger
Hi Jo -- I started this group last month and am waiting to see if we can a few members to join. How did you hear about it? Peace, Ryan
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Purpose of the Space
To draw close to God through the experience of the Lord's prayer
Space Start Date
April 20, 2015
Welcome Text
Welcome to Worship through the Lord's Prayer. In this space, we hope to go closer to God through participating in this historic prayer of Jesus. If you are interested in going deep through this simple prayer, then join us!!
Format - How does the Space work?
Each week we will experience the Lord's prayer in a new way. We will listen to different versions and languages, experience different expressions, such as prayer stations, and we will also be praying the prayer and sharing our experience of it with others. Each person will have the opportunity to share media regarding their own Lord's prayer experience.

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Christian Practice
  • Worship
  • Individual Prayerful Practices, Jesus Prayer, Praying the Hours, Praying in the Spirit, Lord's Prayer
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Lord's prayer
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Creative Communication
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