Sermons and Homilies

In this space, we look to experience God through various kinds of homilies and sermons from around the world. The focus will be on going deeper with God experientially, as opposed to study.

Purpose of the Space
To go deeper with God through watching, listening to, and visiting various commuities around the world
Space Start Date
April 19, 2015
Welcome Text
Welcome to Sermons and Homilies! Please join us if you would like to go deeper with God through listening to various sermons and homilies from around the world!!
Format - How does the Space work?
Each week, a different kind of homily or sermon will be shared. Each person may watch it, listen to it, or visit a community that has that kind of expression. We will then share our experiences in a group blog. Each person will have the opportunity to add sermons and links to the group. Sermons will be added as wikis, so each person will be able to add to it as a living document..

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Christian Practice
  • Worship
  • Preaching and Sermons
What interests does this space address?
Those who want to grow closer to God through the preached word.
What spiritual gifts might be expressed among the members in this space?
Creative Communication
Word of Knowledge
Word of Wisdom
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