Footwashing and Intimacy with God

In this space, we create a space for experiencing the act of footwashing online. We will watch online, as well as encourage those who live near to each other to experience this spiritual act. We will also encourage those in the group to visit churches that participate in this ancient practice.

Purpose of the Space
To facilitate a deeper experience of God through the ancient practice of footwashing.
Space Start Date
April 15, 2015
Welcome Text
Welcome to Footwashing and Intimacy with God! In this space, we experience footwashing visually online, but also encourage members to experience this "hand to feet" somewhere locally. If you want to explore how this practice might draw you closer to God, then come and join us!
Format - How does the Space work?
Each week we will watch a footwashing video and express our experience about it in the group journal. In addition, each person is encouraged to attend a church, or, with other Christians, participate in this practice in a "hand to foot" context. The focus will be on growing closer to God (often through growing closer to one another). Each person will be able to add to the video library, as well as to create any new spiritual rituals in regard to footwashing.

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  • Worship
  • Individual Prayerful Practices, Jesus Prayer, Praying the Hours, Praying in the Spirit, Lord's Prayer
What interests does this space address?
intimacy with God
What spiritual gifts might be expressed among the members in this space?
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