Flipped Church: "Networked" Book Discussion

When I started my DMiss at Fuller, Ryan Bolger introduced me to the concept of the "flipped" classroom.  Here is a helpful graphic from www.knewton.com that describes how the "flipped" classroom is different than a traditional one.

In the traditional model, lecture is given in class and homework is taken home. In the "flipped" model, the lecture is viewed at home and homework is done together in class.  This would not have been possible even a few years ago but the prevalence of social media networks and connected devices allows this to be a reality.

The goal for this space is to use the "flipped" model as a basis for a book discussion.  The "lecture" will the individual reading of the book "Networked: The New Social Operating System" and the "classroom" will be this discussion forum.  We will use the 3 different sections of the book as the "chapters" for our discussion.

Looking forward to interacting and learning together.

Youwan Kang

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Gary Williams
Gary, old retired guy. Former Bay Area high tech corporate communications VP & business owner. Live in Washington State. Love my slide rule.
Mark Manley
I'm Mark. Software engineer at Apple. Favorite piece of technology is probably iOS and related ecosystem.
I'm Carmen, I'm a scientist/software developer at Microsoft. I live in Sunnyvale. Mobile phone.
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Joe Lin
I'm Joe, a UX researcher at Next Issue. I live in Saratoga and my favorite piece of tech is my digital camera.
I'm Neal, I'm an engineer at Fujitsu, I live in Milpitas, favorite piece of technology would be my personal computer (desktop).
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Denis Koswara
I'm Denis, software engineer, Milpitas, CA. Ironically I don't have a fav piece of tech. But if I have to say one, it's prob the web.
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Youwan Kang
When posting comments in the discussion, try to add the Kindle location or physical book page. We will try our best to be in sync.
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Youwan Kang
We have 11 people so far participating in this discussion. Some are from my church but many are not... so please introduce yourself.
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Youwan Kang
Please give a brief introduction of yourself. Name, school/job, current home, and favorite piece of technology.
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Youwan Kang
Watch Lee Rainie describe Networked Individualism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clkqdrzizvY

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Welcome to the Flipped Church book discussion. We will be looking at Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman's book "Networked: The New Social Operating System" together.
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We will divide our discussion in 3 units: Technology, Connectedness, and Spirituality.

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