Experiencing Icons

Experiencing worship through icons and the visual arts has a long history and yet still inspires and leads us to God today. In this group, we will sit experience a different icon every week. For now, this will be an ongoing group, and it will get going as soon as we get enough members.

Purpose of the Space
Experience the worship of God through the practice of sitting before icons.
Space Start Date
April 15, 2015
Welcome Text
Welcome to Experiencing Icons! in this space we will repeatedly experience icons of the early church.
Format - How does the Space work?
Each week (or more or less often, this is to be determined), we will post an icon and those of us in the community may sit before it and talk to one another (although not a discussion, more of a connecting time). Each person in the group will have an opportunity to link to further icons and add to the icon "library". We will also explore new icons being created today.

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Christian Practice
  • Worship
  • Art and Icons
What interests does this space address?
those who want to worship through visual means
What spiritual gifts might be expressed among the members in this space?
Creative Communication
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