Evolutionary Faith

In this action space, we seek to get involved in proclaiming a faith that is reconciled to the basic tenets of science, particularly with cosmology and evolution. In this space, we support initiatives that reach out with this basic message, whether it be putting on seminars, sending out speakers, or putting forth information in support of individuals and local churches.

Purpose of the Space
To actively transform hearts and minds towards a faith integrated with science.
Space Start Date
September 14, 2015
Space End (if known)
November 23, 2015
Welcome Text
If you want to roll up your sleeves and get the message out about science and faith working together, then come and join us!
Format - How does the Space work?
The space exists to support engagements in the world with an evolutionary faith. Events will be created and discussed, and new areas of action will be performed.

There is no content in this space.

Christian Practice
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What interests does this space address?
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