Deep Forgiveness and Reconciling Love

In this space, we offer support, resources, and prayer to those who desire to offer forgiveness to those who committed great wrongs against them or their loved ones.

Purpose of the Space
To offer healing and reconciliation to those seeking to move beyond a traumatic life injury.
Space Start Date
November 20, 2015
Space End (if known)
November 20, 2015
Welcome Text
Welcome to Deep Forgiveness and Reconciling Love. In this space, we support those who desire to begin the process of forgiving their "enemies": those who caused great hurt against them, often illegal activities.
Format - How does the Space work?
We offer support and care to one another in the area of reconciliation and forgiveness of deep hurt.

There is no content in this space.

Christian Practice
  • Community
  • Addictions and Recovery, Support, Care, Counseling
What interests does this space address?
restorative justice
support group
What spiritual gifts might be expressed among the members in this space?