The Christian Year

In this space, we create a yearly devotional rhythm based on historic days of the Christian year. Beyond Advent, Lent, and Ordinary Time, we will celebrate the season of Pentecost, as well as many saints days and feasts. The focus of the space is to have a deeper spiritual walk with God through celebrating these special times and seasons.

Purpose of the Space
To grow closer to God through the celebration of the Christian year.
Space Start Date
April 30, 2015
Welcome Text
Welcome to the Christian Year! In this space, we celebrate the many days of the historic Christian year, from the various traditions within Christianity. If you desire to deepen your walk with God through these events, then please join us!!
Format - How does the Space work?
We will create a yearly calendar of devotion and then practice it together online together through sharing our experiences and resources. Each person will be welcome to add media to the group that accentuates these experiences (through linking to other sites), or by adding their own media as well.

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Christian Practice
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What interests does this space address?
liturgical year
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